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Saddle Up for Roswell Horse Trials and Dressage Show

Horse Trials and Dressage Show at Chestnut Ridge

Ride Times

128LucyAnstey-PapeCherry*Beg Novice AJR29:07 AM
128LucyAnstey-PapeCherry*Intro CJR211:06 AM
123JaneAugustynSolomonTraining 1SR112:34 PM
120SarahAverillSamwiseFirst 1SR13:32 PM
120SarahAverillSamwiseFirst 2SR14:04 PM
115JefferyBall Jr.SpiritIntro BSR29:50 AM
115JefferyBall Jr.SpiritIntro CSR210:41 AM
121DonnaBartlettDonwood's Jazzies ShadowFirst 1SR13:40 PM
121DonnaBartlettDonwood's Jazzies ShadowFirst 2SR14:12 PM
100JenniferBurnsMidnight's Dream CatcherIntro ASR28:06 AM
100JenniferBurnsMidnight's Dream CatcherIntro BSR29:30 AM
130ErinCoxAboundTraining 1SR112:46 PM
130ErinCoxAboundTraining 2SR11:46 PM
135KellieDeRuyterDahlgren ChapelTraining 1SR112:52 PM
135KellieDeRuyterDahlgren ChapelTraining 2SR11:52 PM
111ElizabethDohertyLet's DanceFirst 2SR13:48 PM
111ElizabethDohertyLet's DanceFirst 3SR14:20 PM
116AnnaGarveyBlack PearlFirst 1SR13:24 PM
116AnnaGarveyBlack PearlFirst 2SR13:56 PM
129DawnKleinSDF SensationTraining 1SR112:40 PM
119Katie LoganPaycos Moon Walker*Training 1SR112:28 PM
119Katie LoganPaycos Moon Walker*Training 2SR11:40 PM
104AmandaMacDonald*LucyTraining 3SR12:22 PM
104AmandaMacDonald*LucyTraining 3SR12:34 PM
117MeganMacleodBonnie MurphyIntro ASR28:26 AM
117MeganMacleodBonnie MurphyIntro BSR29:55 AM
110AliaMcQuestionGarnetIntro AJR28:41 AM
110AliaMcQuestionGarnetIntro CJR210:56 AM
102DanielleMessoreRudyIntro ASR28:16 AM
102DanielleMessoreRudyIntro BSR29:40 AM
108AbigailMullenMisty*Training 1JR112:58 PM
108AbigailMullenMisty*Training 2JR12:10 PM
105MikaelaNielsenWildfire SkyTraining 2SR11:22 PM
105MikaelaNielsenWildfire SkyFirst 1SR13:08 PM
106JessicaNielsenAnabelFirst 1SR13:16 PM
106JessicaNielsenAnabelSecond 2SR14:28 PM
122LauraPecoraroBellaIntro BSR210:00 AM
122LauraPecoraroBellaIntro CSR210:46 AM
113Gillian PolitowskiLeviIntro BJR210:15 AM
113Gillian PolitowskiLeviTraining 1JR11:04 PM
133JenniferRogersMerlin the PercheronIntro ASR28:36 AM
133JenniferRogersMerlin the PercheronIntro BSR210:10 AM
133JenniferRogersMerlin the PercheronIntro CSR210:51 AM
132GwenRussBarnabyIntro BJR210:30 AM
132GwenRussBarnabyIntro CJR211:11 AM
125AdeleSheaBeauIntro ASR28:31 AM
125AdeleSheaBeauIntro BSR210:05 AM
101LynetteShortBet I CanIntro ASR28:11 AM
101LynetteShortBet I CanIntro BSR29:35 AM
118SamanthaSoroktiPaycos Moon Walker*Intro AJR28:46 AM
124JessicaTenBrinkAfter HoursIntro AJR28:51 AM
124JessicaTenBrinkAfter HoursIntro BJR210:20 AM
124JessicaTenBrinkAfter HoursIntro CJR211:01 AM
134AllyssaTeresiPuertoTraining 1JR11:10 PM
134AllyssaTeresiPuertoTraining 2JR12:16 PM
134AllyssaTeresiPuertoTraining 3JR12:46 PM
103KristenTona*Lika TquilaTraining 1SR112:10 PM
114KristenTona*BristolTraining 1SR112:22 PM
103KristenTona*Lika TquilaTraining 2SR11:16 PM
114KristenTona*BristolTraining 2SR11:34 PM
126RachelleTreat*ColerainBeg Novice ASR28:00 AM
127RachelleTreat*BelladonnaBeg Novice ASR29:01 AM
127RachelleTreat*BelladonnaBeg Novice BSR29:13 AM
126RachelleTreat*ColerainBeg Novice BSR210:35 AM
107UrsulaTuerkLilofeeIntro ASR28:21 AM
107UrsulaTuerkLilofeeIntro BSR29:45 AM
112FarleyWagnerIn the GrooveTraining 1SR112:16 PM
112FarleyWagnerIn the GrooveTraining 2SR11:28 PM
112FarleyWagnerIn the GrooveTraining 3SR12:28 PM
109ChloeWunderlich*EclipseTraining 3JR12:40 PM
109ChloeWunderlich*EclipseTraining 3JR12:52 PM
131MiahYettiMy Little Latte*Intro AJR28:56 AM
131MiahYettiMy Little Latte*Intro BJR210:25 AM
Horse Trials
42AmyAlexander Awe DasityIntroSR212:25 PM2:11 PM2:21 PM
43EmmaAmbroseBudwiseIntroSR212:30 PM2:14 PM2:24 PM
60MargaretBaceKalandrisIntroJR22:05 PM3:05 PM3:15 PM
64MadelineBaceBodacious BonitaIntroJR22:25 PM3:17 PM3:27 PM
24LorenBeamBlack GenieBeg NoviceJR110:30 AM11:48 AM11:53 AM
7Rebecca BlackburnRegally BlondeNoviceJR18:36 AM10:18 AM10:38 AM
40MadisonBroadThe Butler Did ItIntroSR211:41 AM2:05 PM2:15 PM
53Lizze BrownNorthIntroJR21:20 PM2:44 PM2:54 PM
50BrendaBuckSaranac TramoNayIntroSR21:05 PM2:35 PM2:45 PM
77AbigailBundySpecial*IntroJR23:30 PM3:56 PM4:06 PM
56AnnabelCarrPrince PongoIntroJR21:35 PM2:53 PM3:03 PM
1HeleneChevalierOwn AgendaNoviceSR18:00 AM10:00 AM10:20 AM
75FrancesColbyMisty*IntroJR23:20 PM3:50 PM4:00 PM
29MaleneComeauMr. Unpredictable*Beg NoviceJR111:00 AM12:03 PM12:08 PM
18EmmaConwayZoetryBeg NoviceSR19:42 AM11:30 AM11:35 AM
14AnneCoughlinTannerBeg NoviceSR19:18 AM11:18 AM11:23 AM
44AshleyCovelSimply PretentiousIntroSR212:35 PM2:17 PM2:27 PM
34DanielleCraneHugoBeg NoviceJR111:30 AM12:18 PM12:23 PM
63KarinaCutronaCalidoraIntroJR22:20 PM3:14 PM3:24 PM
59Anna D'AmoreSherlockIntroJR21:50 PM3:02 PM3:12 PM
71MadisonDawydkoLiberty BellIntroJR23:00 PM3:38 PM3:48 PM
9MaryDickinsonWheels Tiger TBeg NoviceSR18:48 AM11:03 AM11:08 AM
61GraceEbnerElcaponeIntroJR22:10 PM3:08 PM3:18 PM
39KarenFischerCover GirlIntroSR211:36 AM2:02 PM2:12 PM
69AnaliseFoxMr. Unpredictable*IntroJR22:50 PM3:32 PM3:42 PM
3AbigailFulmerHarrisburgNoviceSR18:12 AM10:06 AM10:26 AM
46KristenGabrieleChocolate ChunkIntroSR212:45 PM2:23 PM2:33 PM
79IrisGarwood-FieldCookie MonsterIntroJR23:40 PM4:02 PM4:12 PM
68TeresaGutierrezCaptain AmericaIntroJR22:45 PM3:29 PM3:39 PM
10KathleenHallRazzle DazzleBeg NoviceSR18:54 AM11:06 AM11:11 AM
41GabrielleHamiltonBrooklyn RedIntroSR211:46 AM2:08 PM2:18 PM
54GretaHewsonSpecial*IntroJR21:25 PM2:47 PM2:57 PM
70AllisonHowardPanic at the DiscoIntroJR22:55 PM3:35 PM3:45 PM
22KelsieJohnstoneChazBeg NoviceJR110:18 AM11:42 AM11:47 AM
16CelesteKenneyFoxBeg NoviceSR19:30 AM11:24 AM11:29 AM
49LisaKennyEastern GiantIntroSR21:00 PM2:32 PM2:42 PM
33MadelineKeyesCCR Bring Back CashBeg NoviceJR111:24 AM12:15 PM12:20 PM
19AmyLearTimberBeg NoviceSR110:00 AM11:33 AM11:38 AM
5RileyLeibeckHot WheelsNoviceJR18:24 AM10:12 AM10:32 AM
35AnnLoweConnect the DotsIntroSR211:16 AM1:50 PM2:00 PM
8HeatherMacDonaldSonny's Gray GhostBeg NoviceSR18:42 AM11:00 AM11:05 AM
23Hayleigh MacDonaldTheodore CruzBeg NoviceJR110:24 AM11:45 AM11:50 AM
55CarlieMahonyCherry*IntroJR21:30 PM2:50 PM3:00 PM
58MadisonMatuszewskiFionaIntroJR21:45 PM2:59 PM3:09 PM
11ErinMcNallyStrawberry JamBeg NoviceSR19:00 AM11:09 AM11:14 AM
76KatieMinicucciForestel's HughieIntroJR23:25 PM3:53 PM4:03 PM
45NicoleMinnoleraSunny DelightIntroSR212:40 PM2:20 PM2:30 PM
74DelphineMorseKhaleesiIntroJR23:15 PM3:47 PM3:57 PM
65SierraMoscatoForrestel's HoneyIntroJR22:30 PM3:20 PM3:30 PM
52ElizabethNichollVaquero Ain't She SweetIntroSR21:15 PM2:41 PM2:51 PM
17BrookeNolinWillonBeg NoviceSR19:36 AM11:27 AM11:32 AM
6EmileeNovakMy CavatinaNoviceJR18:30 AM10:15 AM10:35 AM
30ElizabethOliverTuckerBeg NoviceJR111:06 AM12:06 PM12:11 PM
72LillianPostMr. Quincy StarIntroJR23:05 PM3:41 PM3:51 PM
2BrittneyRadwichForget Me NotNoviceSR18:06 AM10:03 AM10:23 AM
31KariRobertsDakarBeg NoviceJR111:12 AM12:09 PM12:14 PM
48CharissaRobertsCodyIntroSR212:55 PM2:29 PM2:39 PM
51LaurenRogersEden RSFIntroSR21:10 PM2:38 PM2:48 PM
80JillianRohdeStareeIntroJR23:45 PM4:05 PM4:15 PM
21LizSchaabBehrometerBeg NoviceSR110:12 AM11:39 AM11:44 AM
73AllySchmitzButterfly KissesIntroJR23:10 PM3:44 PM3:54 PM
26RileySeielstadPogoBeg NoviceJR110:42 AM11:54 AM11:59 AM
62ChylisShinerMajestic PoiseIntroJR22:15 PM3:11 PM3:21 PM
66AvaSpencerSonjaIntroJR22:35 PM3:23 PM3:33 PM
32HayleyStrohGrand FrostBeg NoviceJR111:18 AM12:12 PM12:17 PM
28LaurynStrothmannCivil HeroBeg NoviceJR110:54 AM12:00 PM12:05 PM
38KariSweetmanMiss TrixIntroSR211:31 AM1:59 PM2:09 PM
25LucieSwettBen JamminBeg NoviceJR110:36 AM11:51 AM11:56 AM
36ClaireTaberskiAmish RenegadeIntroSR211:21 AM1:53 PM2:03 PM
47RachelleTreat*Riodanicas AbbeyIntroSR212:50 PM2:26 PM2:36 PM
4EmilyTruesdellFashion's LastNoviceSR18:18 AM10:09 AM10:29 AM
15NathanTurrellEverettBeg NoviceSR19:24 AM11:21 AM11:26 AM
13JaclynValintEl Grande PatronBeg NoviceSR19:12 AM11:15 AM11:20 AM
37JessicaWasikRun Thru the WoodsIntroSR211:26 AM1:56 PM2:06 PM
57JillianWenerSeventh HeavenIntroJR21:40 PM2:56 PM3:06 PM
78TaylorWittrockFor Pete and Silvers SakeIntroJR23:35 PM3:59 PM4:09 PM
20Michelle YoffeeRoyal's L. O. V.Beg NoviceSR110:06 AM11:36 AM11:41 AM
12KatieZelaznyTic-TockBeg NoviceSR19:06 AM11:12 AM11:17 AM
67TaylorZlotekMy Little Latte*IntroJR22:40 PM3:26 PM3:36 PM
27KaitlinZwifkaBugBeg NoviceJR110:48 AM11:57 AM12:02 PM

Horse Trials Ride Times (Excel)

On September 9, 2017, we are celebrating our 11th Anniversary of the Saddle Up for Roswell at Chestnut Ridge Equestrian Center, 8am to 4pm.

The Chestnut Ridge Equestrian community is passionate about cancer. A cause that has touched so many in one way or another. We are proud to partner with Roswell Park Cancer Institute to assist those who face this disease. Over the past 11 year, we have raised $151397.00.

About 110 riders of all ages will compete in dressage, stadium jumping and cross country trials at the event as they raise funds in support of cancer research and patient care at Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

To donate to Roswell Park Cancer Institute on behalf of this event, make checks payable to:

Roswell Park Cancer Institute



September 9, 2017

Entries open: August 1, 2017 Close: August 31, 2017USEF/USEA Rules apply    

INFORMATION Entry, Sponsorship and Donation forms can be downloaded

from  Our fund raising efforts will go towards research programs at Roswell Park Cancer Institute.  Refund of entry and stabling to rider bringing in the most donations!!!!

All riders and spectators are welcome to support the fund raising.  There will be a free sheet of Basket Auction raffle tickets for each $50 raised.   

TEAM CHALLENGE: Groups of 4 or more.  Highest total group receives $100 credit / refund for X-CSchooling

ENTRY FEE HORSE TRIALS:  $85 per HT division ,  $10.00 Office charge

ENTRY FEE DRESSAGE DIVISION: Intro through 2nd levelIndicate test on entry, $15/test $10 office charge. 2015 Dressage tests 

STABLING: $45 Initial bedding included.  Limited to first 45 requests.  Enter early!

AWARDS:  6 ribbons and awards for each level.  Prizes for all who bring donations!!!

ARENA: EventingIntro and Training dressage tests to be done in small arena. First Level and above will be done in a large arena.

DRESS: ASTM Helmets required.  Proper attire recommended, Safety vest required onX-Country.  Medical armbands suggested

ENTRY FORM: Each division may be divided JR/SR , please indicate on entry. Send Entry Form, 2016/2017 Coggins and check, made out to Chestnut Ridge to:  7913 Chestnut Ridge Road, Gasport, NY 14067.  For more information call 716-772-2957/2707

REFUNDS:  No refunds after closing date.  $20 charge for changes or post entries

Send to:
Chestnut Ridge Equestrian Center, Saddle Up for Roswell
7913 Chestnut Ridge Rd
Gasport, NY 14067.

Downloadable/Printable Forms

Entry Form
Prize List
Solicitation Letter
Sponsor Form
Raffle Contribution Form
Donation Form