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Chestnut Ridge Spring Combined Test and Dressage Show

Classes Offered

Class no.


Dressage Test

Max Fence Height

1. Intructory USDF 2015 Introductory Test A 18"
2. Beginner Novice USEA 2014 Beginner Novice Test B 2' 7"
3. Novice USEA 2014 Novice Test B 2' 11"
4. Training USEA 2014 Training Test B 3' 3"
5. Dressage Only Test(s) of Choice - indicate test(s) on entry
6. Jumper Only State Division/Height on entry (may post enter)

Ride Times

Combined Test

29LucyAnstey-PapeBarnaby1Intro CTJR18:00 AMbegin 9:00
30AlyssaArdilloSpicy2BN CTJR19:01 AMbegin 9:45
24KristinBrowneCelestial Energy2BN CTSR19:37 AMbegin 9:45
28AbbyBurgessMumford3Nov CTSR111:59 AMbegin 11:00
13JessicaCarrPunchline2BN CTSR19:43 AMbegin 9:45
4AnnaD'AmoreSherlock1Intro CTJR18:20 AMbegin 9:00
39JuleannaDodsworthWesley2BN CTSR19:49 AMbegin 9:45
32RachaelGoldingIce Age1Intro CTSR18:50 AMbegin 9:00
23KatieHurlburtRockridge Shiner2BN CTSR110:10 AMbegin 9:45
18HayleighMacDonaldTedee2BN CTJR19:07 AMbegin 9:45
6CarlieMahonyBarnaby1Intro CTJR18:25 AMbegin 9:00
9HeatherMannWilliam1Intro CTSR18:40 AMbegin 9:00
20MadisonMatuszewskiCherry1Intro CTJR18:30 AMbegin 9:00
12ErinMcNallyHeartbreak Kid2BN CTSR110:16 AMbegin 9:45
19JakieMelerskiMajor1Intro CTSR18:45 AMbegin 9:00
11EmileeNovakRoxee2BN CTJR19:13 AMbegin 9:45
43AinsleyOwensAltair's Brannigan2BN CTJR19:31 AMbegin 9:45
14IzzyReddingSherlock2BN CTJR19:19 AMbegin 9:45
22JenRogersMerlin the Percheron1Intro CTSR18:35 AMbegin 9:00
37LauraSchumacherCamelsoul3Nov CTSR112:05 PMbegin 11:00
21BonnieThormanPure Nature2BN CTSR110:22 AMbegin 9:45
40ZoeVon SuhrGabby2BN CTJR19:25 AMbegin 9:45
1TaniaWeber*Grainger Finn Aly1Intro CTSR18:55 AMbegin 9:00
2JillianWenerCherry1Intro CTJR18:05 AMbegin 9:00
44TaylorWingMr. Buckwheat1Intro CTJR18:15 AMbegin 9:00
15EllaZelaznyEbonee and Ivoree1Intro CTJR18:10 AMbegin 9:00
17KatieZelazny Tic Toc2BN CTSR110:28 AMbegin 9:45
7KaitlinZwifkaBug3Nov CTJR111:53 AMbegin 11:00


82LaurenAdeliziSalvatoro104th L Test 1 SR12:35 PM
82LaurenAdeliziSalvatoro104th L Test 2SR13:25 PM
77JaneAugustynSolomon4Trng Test 1SR29:30 AM
75SarahAverill McFaddenSamwise6Trng Test 3SR111:11 AM
75SarahAverill McFaddenSamwise81st L Test 2SR11:33 PM
80AmandaBeecherThe Butler Did It71st L Test 1SR11:01 PM
80AmandaBeecherThe Butler Did It81st L Test 2SR11:49 PM
113MeganBossClobber6Trng Test 3SR111:17 AM
113MeganBossClobber71st L Test 1SR11:09 PM
97ElizabethDohertyLet's Dance81st L Test 2SR11:57 PM
97ElizabethDohertyLet's Dance91 st L Test 3SR13:01 PM
95MeganDonovanSheeza Honey1Intro Test ASR28:10 AM
95MeganDonovanSheeza Honey2Intro Test BSR28:40 AM
93KerriGaffneyBrevian's Silk4Trng Test 1SR29:36 AM
93KerriGaffneyBrevian's Silk5Trng Test 2SR110:47 AM
149Kate GahrShe's So Tempting4Trng Test 1SR29:42 AM
149Kate GahrShe's So Tempting5Trng Test 2SR110:53 AM
140Lucretia Galbraith*Holdin Gold4Trng Test 1SR210:12 AM
140Lucretia Galbraith*Holdin Gold5Trng Test 2SR110:41 AM
147Lucretia Galbraith*Voyager71st L Test 1SR112:45 PM
50Lucretia Galbraith*Sommer Silk71st L Test 1SR11:17 PM
147Lucretia Galbraith*Voyager81st L Test 2SR11:41 PM
141Lucretia Galbraith*Kyle's Harmony81st L Test 2SR12:13 PM
141Lucretia Galbraith*Kyle's Harmony91st L Test 3SR12:45 PM
50Lucretia Galbraith*Sommer Silk91st L Test 3SR13:17 PM
70MeganGaminMaire Lu6Trng Test 3SR111:23 AM
70MeganGaminMaire Lu71st L Test 1SR11:25 PM
51SophieHoffmannBentley11Beg. Novice Test BSR110:35 AM
51SophieHoffmannBentley12Novice Test BSR111:47 AM
125JenniferLeeBlueberry1Intro Test ASR28:15 AM
79AbigailMullenAutumn Mist1Intro Test AJR28:00 AM
79AbigailMullenAutumn Mist2Intro Test BJR28:30 AM
79AbigailMullenAutumn Mist3Intro Test CJR29:00 AM
99LindsayNeadowTranscendence81st L Test 2SR12:05 PM
99LindsayNeadowTranscendence91st L Test 3SR13:09 PM
112HollyParkerPax1Intro Test ASR28:20 AM
112HollyParkerPax2Intro Test BSR28:45 AM
78LauraPecoraroBella1Intro Test ASR28:25 AM
78LauraPecoraroBella2Intro Test BSR28:50 AM
98CourtneyPfefferTrente Trios5Trng Test 2SR110:59 AM
98CourtneyPfefferTrente Trios6Trng Test 3SR111:29 AM
81GillianPolitowskiLevi1Intro Test AJR28:05 AM
81GillianPolitowskiLevi2Intro Test BJR28:35 AM
124KaitlynQuillinI Khandi71st L Test 1JR112:53 PM
124KaitlynQuillinI Khandi91st L Test 3JR12:53 PM
150MaureenQuillinBenttlii5Trng Test 2SR111:05 AM
150MaureenQuillinBenttlii6Trng Test 3SR111:35 AM
76SueReidStar4Trng Test 1SR29:48 AM
110JenRogers*Merlin the Percheron2Intro Test BSR28:55 AM
110JenRogers*Merlin the Percheron3Intro Ttest CSR29:10 AM
148DianeShermanStarstruck Athena4Trng Test 1SR29:54 AM
148DianeShermanStarstruck Athena6Trng Test 3SR111:41 AM
85KristenTonaLika Tequila3Intro Test CSR29:15 AM
85KristenTonaLika Tequila4Trng Test 1SR210:00 AM
72TaniaWeber*Grainger Finn Aly4Trng Test 1SR210:06 AM
86EllaZelazny*Ebenee and Ivoree3Intro Test CJR29:05 AM

Excel Version

Entry Fees

$30 Per CT division - Horse/rider may enter more than one level. Additional levels $25 each.
$15 Per each 'Dressage only' test
$10 Per each 'Jumping only' round - may post enter

Office Fee

$10 Per horse/rider combination


6 ribbons and prizes in each division

Additional Information

Closing date for entries postmark May 11, 2017
Coggins Test dated 2016/2017 must accompany entry
Times available May 17 (will be posted on this page)
Dressage - small arena - stadium to follow outdoors weather permitting
Helmets/boots required at all times while mounted - braiding optional
Stabling available @ $30
Refreshments available on grounds
XC schooling may be available @ $20 - Safety vests required

Send completed entry form, postmarked by May 11, with copy of Coggins test dated 2016/2017 and checked made payable to:

e-mail -  

web site 

7913 Chestnut Ridge Road
Gasport, NY 14067

For a printable version of this information, click here.

Note closing date is May 11th and Ride times on May 17th