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Chestnut Ridge / WNYDA Challenge Series Dressage Show and Chestnut Ridge Combined Test

Ride Times


46BonnieBingerZippo's Budding Rose4Training 1SR18:36 AM
46BonnieBingerZippo's Budding Rose6Training 3SR11:14 PM
34KendraByrwaRumor Has It5Training 2JR110:25 AM
34KendraByrwaRumor Has It6Training 3JR11:20 PM
50ErinCoxAbound4Training 1SR18:42 AM
50ErinCoxAbound5Training 2SR111:19 AM
51KarinaCutrona*Calidora2Intro BJR29:30 AM
51KarinaCutrona*Calidora3Intro CJR211:40 AM
22ElizabethDohertyLet's Dance71st Level 2SR13:10 PM
22ElizabethDohertyLet's Dance71st Level 3SR13:50 PM
64KristenDunhamCher JP4Training 1SR18:48 AM
64KristenDunhamCher JP5Training 2SR111:25 AM
69BrandyFullerImpressive1Intro ASR29:00 AM
69BrandyFullerImpressive2Intro BSR210:20 AM
44AbigailFulmerKnight's Dream71st Level 1JR12:19 PM
44AbigailFulmerKnight's Dream71st Level 2JR13:02 PM
36KatieFyeS. Royal Maximus1Intro ASR28:55 AM
36KatieFyeS. Royal Maximus2Intro BSR210:25 AM
43TrishHutchinsonDenali74th Level test 1SR12:09 PM
43TrishHutchinsonDenali74th Level test 2SR12:44 PM
24NicoleInsinnaPandora's Box2Intro BJR29:35 AM
24NicoleInsinnaPandora's Box3Intro CJR210:55 AM
23DanielleInsinnaMisty at Midnight5Training 2SR110:49 AM
23DanielleInsinnaMisty at Midnight6Training 3SR11:02 PM
30JenniferJensenWhiskey River4Training 1SR18:54 AM
30JenniferJensenWhiskey River5Training 2SR110:55 AM
31BrookeKarykThe Ole Gen4Training 1JR18:00 AM
31BrookeKarykThe Ole Gen5Training 2JR110:31 AM
29AndrinaKirstPandora 4Training 1JR18:06 AM
29AndrinaKirstPandora 5Training 2JR110:37 AM
79DeborahKondoffIvette1Intro ASR28:50 AM
82DeborahKondoffJavelin1Intro ASR29:25 AM
82DeborahKondoffJavelin2Intro BSR210:15 AM
79DeborahKondoffIvette2Intro BSR210:50 AM
77TraceyKongatsRoyal Warrior1Intro ASR29:10 AM
77TraceyKongatsRoyal Warrior2Intro BSR210:30 AM
85SophieKretschmannCharm5Training 2SR111:01 AM
85SophieKretschmannCharm6Training 3SR11:08 PM
28GillianMcDonnellSkeets Mad About You2Intro BJR29:40 AM
28GillianMcDonnellSkeets Mad About You3Intro CJR211:00 AM
25MaryMcNallFine Harmony71st Level 2SR13:18 PM
25MaryMcNallFine Harmony71st Level 3SR13:26 PM
32TiffanyMetzlerCordero4Training 1SR19:00 AM
32TiffanyMetzlerCordero5Training 2SR111:07 AM
39KristenMonaco TonaLika Tequila3Intro CSR211:25 AM
39KristenMonaco TonaLika Tequila4Training 1SR19:06 AM
89DelphineMorseKhaleese1Intro AJR28:30 AM
89DelphineMorseKhaleese2Intro BJR29:45 AM
89DelphineMorseKhaleese3Intro CJR211:05 AM
83LauraMountMajor6Training 3JR112:50 PM
83LauraMountMajor9Training FreestyleJR11:40 PM
53LindsayNeadowTranscendence71st Level test 3SR13:34 PM
57ElizabethNicholl*Vaquero ain't she sweet10novice ASR112:07 PM
27SarahOlingerStars over Boston4Training 1SR19:12 AM
21Aimee RaePahlPM Kross Fire1Intro ASR29:15 AM
21Aimee RaePahlPM Kross Fire2Intro BSR210:35 AM
21Aimee RaePahlPM Kross Fire3Intro CSR211:30 AM
38PeggyPolisseniColby Jack4Training 1SR19:18 AM
38PeggyPolisseniColby Jack5Training 2SR111:13 AM
40GillianPolitowskiLevi1Intro AJR28:35 AM
40GillianPolitowskiLevi2Intro BJR29:50 AM
40GillianPolitowskiLevi4Training 1JR18:12 AM
41JenniferPowellTruly a Lucky Lad71st Level 1SR12:27 PM
58Jen Rogers*Merlin the Percheron2Intro BSR210:40 AM
58Jen Rogers*Merlin the Percheron3Intro CSR211:35 AM
49ClareShelbySage1Intro AJR28:40 AM
49ClareShelbySage2Intro BJR29:55 AM
49ClareShelbySage3Intro CJR211:10 AM
33AlyssaTeresiPuerto4Training 1JR18:18 AM
33AlyssaTeresiPuerto5Training 2JR110:43 AM
37RachelleTreat*Maverick1Intro ASR29:20 AM
35UrsulaTuerkLilofee1Intro ASR29:05 AM
35UrsulaTuerkLilofee2Intro BSR210:45 AM
42HelenaTurcotteApril3Intro CJR211:15 AM
42HelenaTurcotteMay4Training 1JR18:24 AM
47KaitWebsterDianna LL73d Level test 1SR12:00 PM
47KaitWebsterDianna LL73d Level test 2SR12:35 PM
45TaylorWittrockFor Pete & Silver's Sake4Training 1JR18:30 AM
45TaylorWittrockFor Pete & Silver's Sake6Training 3JR112:56 PM
26Diane CarrollYacobyLiberte71st Level 2SR12:54 PM
26Diane CarrollYacobyLiberte71st Level 3SR13:42 PM
48TaylorZlotekAfter Hours*1Intro AJR28:45 AM
48TaylorZlotekAfter Hours*2Intro BJR210:00 AM
48TaylorZlotekAfter Hours*3Intro CJR211:20 AM

Combined Test

3EmmaAmbroseBudwise12Beginner NoviceJR19:24 AM10:30 AM
18LorenBeamBlack Genie13NoviceJR111:31 AM12:15 PM
9HeleneChevalierOwn Agenda13NoviceSR111:55 AM12:15 PM
20KarinaCutrona*Calidora11IntroJR28:00 AM9:00 AM
7MaryDickinsonWheels Tiger T12Beginner NoviceSR110:00 AM10:30 AM
10JordanHugenschmidt*Fly me to the Moon13Novice JR111:37 AM12:15 PM
10JordanHugenschmidt*Fly me to the Moon14Training JR11:26 PM1:50 PM
13HaileyMacDonaldTheodore Cruz12Beginner NoviceJR19:30 AM10:30 AM
4ErinMcNallyHeartbreak Kid12Beginner NoviceSR110:06 AM10:30 AM
14JacquelynMelerskiMajor Chandonnay11IntroSR28:10 AM9:00 AM
19ElizabethNicholl*Vaquero Anit She Sweet11IntroSR28:15 AM9:00 AM
17EmileeNovakRoxee13NoviceJR111:43 AM12:15 PM
12JenRogers*Merlin the Percheron11IntroSR28:20 AM9:00 AM
5RileySeielstadPogo13NoviceJR111:49 AM12:15 PM
2HeidiSilsbyEverlasting13NoviceSR112:01 PM12:15 PM
8LucieSwettBen Jammin12Beginner NoviceJR19:36 AM10:30 AM
11JessicaTenbrink*After Hour11Intro JR28:05 AM9:00 AM
11JessicaTenbrink*After Hour12Beginner NoviceJR19:42 AM10:30 AM
6RachelleTreat*Colerain11IntroSR28:25 AM9:00 AM
1FarleyWagnerIn the Groove14Training SR11:33 PM1:50 PM
16HannahWehlingReveal The Star12Beginner NoviceJR19:48 AM10:30 AM
15KaitlinZwifkaBug12Beginner NoviceJR19:54 AM10:30 AM

Downloadable DS Ride Times
Downloadable CT Ride Times

Opening Date: July 7, 2017

Closing Date: July 29, 2017

Sue Williams
7913 Chestnut Ridge Road
Gasport, NY 14067

Diane Gardner
7913 Chestnut Ridge Road
Gasport, NY 14067

Dressage Judge:
Deb Kondoff

Class List

U.S. Equestrian tests will be 2015 editions. USDF Introductory tests will be 2015 editions.

Dressage Division

1. USDF Introductory Level Test A Jr/Sr
2. USDF Introductory Level Test B Jr/Sr
3. USDF Introductory Level Test C Jr/Sr
4. Training Level Test 1 Jr/Sr
5. Training Level Test 2 Jr/Sr
6. Training Level Test 3 Jr/Sr
7. Training Level Rider Test * Jr/Sr
8. First Level Test 1 Jr/Sr
9. First Level Test 2 Jr/Sr
10. First Level Test 3 Jr/Sr
11. First Level Rider Test * Jr/Sr
12. Test of Choice at Second thru Fourth Level (specify test on entry form) Jr/Sr
13. Test of Choice - Eventing - Novice, Training, Prelim. (specify test and indicate test A or B on entry form) * Jr/Sr
14. Musical Freestyle any level Training thru Fourth (for a copy of the Training Level Freestyle contact show secretary) Jr/Sr

Combined Test Division (Dressage & Stadium Jumping)*

15. Introductory (Walk-Trot) - USDF Introductory Test A - Jumps not to exceed 18"
16. Beginner Novice – USEA Beginner Novice Test A - Jumps not to exceed 2’
17. Novice – USEA Novice Test A – Jumps not to exceed 2’6”
18. Training – USEA Training Test A – Jumps not to exceed 3’
* Scores do not count towards WNYDA year end awards. $10.00 WNYDA non-member fee is not applicable for Combined Test Division.

Important Notes About Classes

Please note there are classes for Sr (Senior) and Jr (Junior) divisions. In the WNYDA CHALLENGE SERIES of shows, a Junior is age 21 and under and a Senior is over 21 years of age. Please note Jr or Sr on your entry form.

If riders are 21 years of age or under, scores from this show can be used to qualify for the Northeast Jr./Young Rider Championships.

Post entries accepted for Jumping rounds only @ $10/round.


Classes are $15.00 each. Combined Test $25.00 per level entered. Office charge of $10.00 per entry. Make check payable to Chestnut Ridge and mail with the WNYDA Challenge Series Entry Form to the Secretary. Download the entry form here.

For the WNYDA CHALLENGE SERIES DRESSAGE SHOW (Dressage Division): Please enclose a copy of your WNYDA membership card. If you are not a WNYDA member, there is a $10.00 fee for non-WNYDA members. Make separate check payable to WNYDA and mail with entry. The $10.00 WNYDA non-member fee is not applicable for the Combined Test Division.

Enclose a copy of 2016/2017 negative Coggins and copy of rabies certificate (signed by a veterinarian and valid within one year of competition date).

No refunds after closing date, late entries may be accepted if time permits @ $10/class additional.


6 ribbons for each class and Championship Awards for each Level




Intro and Training tests ridden in small arena. 1st Level and above ridden in Large Arena.


Box stalls with stall doors on grounds with initial bedding provided. $40.00 per stall for Friday afternoon through Saturday afternoon. Specify on entry if you want to be stabled as part of a group. Horses may arrive after noon Friday August 5th. Stabling is limited. Reserve early.

Refreshments and Services

REFRESHMENTS: Available on the grounds.
VETERINARIAN & FARRIER: Available if needed, numbers posted at secretary stand.


Lockport Motel -- 716-434-5595

Lockport Inn/Best Western -- 716-434-6151 (in Lockport, NY approximately 10 miles from show grounds)

LIMITED camper hook up available @ $15.00 per night. Advance Reservations ONLY. Indicate on entry.


From NYS ThruwayI-90 to Exit 48A (Pembroke), go north on Route 77 for 18 miles. Be careful to follow the Route 77 signs, in that Route 77 turns left in Alabama, NY at the 4 way stop sign with the blinking light. The competition is located 30 miles northeast of Buffalo on Route 77 in Royalton outside of Lockport, NY.

Management Notes

Management reserve the right to cancel or combine classes as necessary.


WNYDA Entry Form