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Halloween Happens at Chestnut Ridge Dressage Show

Classes Offered

11. Dressage Equitation (WT)
12. Introductory A
13. Introductory B
14. Introductory C
15. Musical Costume Class Intro A
16. Dressage Equitation (WTC)
17. Training Level T1
18. Musical Costume Class Traing T1
19. Training Level T2
20. Training Level T3
21. Test of Choice

Closing date for entries postmarked by October 19

Download the entry form here.

Coggins Test dated 2016/2017 must accompany entry

Stalls available at $30/day

Refreshments available on grounds

Entry fees: $15/class - Office fee: $10 - Prizes for all

Ride times after October 23 - Call or check web site

Braiding optional - Boots and helmets required

All classes indoors in SMALL arena

Musical Costume Class - Choose test, costume, and provide music to match!

Printable Prize List